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SCM300 Survey Design

This course, Survey Design, will be taught in English. 100% of the overall grade for the course is based on a project report (75% written and 25% oral) Please contact the teacher if you have any questions about the course structure.

This course provides education and practical training in the design and delivery of surveys and the reporting and presentation of survey results.

Students will work, in groups, on a research project of their choice. The research project should be on a subject that is relevant to their chosen degree discipline and must involve the design, delivery and analysis of a survey instrument. At the start of the semester, students will attend a lecture programme that introduces them to survey research and design, sampling techniques, summarising data, statistical analysis and the written and oral presentation of a research project. During the semester, students will work on their research project under the guidance and supervision of the course leader. Their work will culminate in the submission of a written report and the delivery of an oral presentation.

Required Literature:

  • Fink, A. (2003). The survey handbook. 2nd edition. Sage Publications Limited, London. ISBN: 0-7619-2510-4
  • Gaur, A.S. and Gaur, S.S. (2006). Statistical methods for practice and research: a guide to data analysis using SPSS. Sage Publications Limited, London. ISBN: 0-7619-3502-9

Information on these pages can change during the semester.


Course Information

Semester:Autumn 2016
Teacher:Judith Molka-Danielsen (e-post) - rom A150
Lecture periods : Wednesdays (onsdag) 14:15-16:15 Room B-136 Check lecture schedule Lecture periond on Nov. 23rd 2016 is 14:15-17:00.
First Lecture 31. Aug. 2016
Exam date: Final character grade is based on the written project report (75%) and oral project presentation (25%). The oral presentation date is 16/Nov/2016 and/or 23/Nov/2016. Group presentation date will be determined by lottery.
Course Book : See required materials .
Teaching Assitant Silje Berntzen Contact her by email for appointment. Alternative: +4790532933 (o), Office nr. A-building 267B "VAR Lab"