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IDA725 Project Management

This course, Project Management, will be taught in English. Please contact the teacher if you have any questions about the course structure.

The course focuses on general knowledge and theory within project management. It is given for master-students. Many of the cases used in the course will be related to IT-projects, but the course itself does not require specific IT background. The course requires basic knowledge in statistics (corresponding to Mk231). Microsoft Project will be used as project management tool.

After having completed the course, the candidate should:

  • have a deep understanding of project work
  • have a broad knowledge of methods and techniqes to plan and conduct large projects, including IT-projects.
  • be able to analyse risk elements in projects and how to deal with them.
  • be able to manage state-of-the-art ITC-tools for project management.
  • have overview of different stakeholders' interests and responsibility in projects

The course will include the following topics:

  • Identifying and organizing a project
  • Defining critical path and timelines
  • Estimating costs and dealing with project uncertainties
  • Quality control, documentation and change control management
  • Project control, progress reporting and evaluation
  • Cost control and project financing
  • Managing project teams. The role of a project manager.
  • Project audit and closure.
  • Use of project management tools.

Information on these pages can change during the semester. Lecture meeting room is changed to A-272.


Course Information

Semester:Spring 2015
Teacher:Judith Molka-Danielsen (e-post) - rom A150
Lecture periods : Wednesdays (onsdag) 14:15-16:15 Room A-272 new room!
First Lecture 14. Jan. 2015
Exam date: 15.May.2015
Course Book : See required materials .
Send Exercises to: Judith Molka-Danielsen Questions and completed assignments should be delivered to the lecturer's email.